Tea Boutique

Tea'se Me is a multi-cuisine Rooftop Restaurant with its focusing point on the beauty and love of Tea. With its 25+ variety of tea, Tea'se Me is a concept Rooftop. We have tried to connect the interiors and the culinary with a touch and essence of the tea culture. With efforts to bring to you a new culture apart from coffee, welcoming the people to sit near Taj Mahal and sip the nature long leaf teas. We also serve Indian, continental Food. Rooftop view of the Taj Mahal brings more attraction to the place.

Tea'se Me : Rooftop Restaurant

  • The meditating Buddha statue will definitely grab your attention to our open air section. The rooftop is beautifully decorated and spread into 4 sections - one which is open air Buddha section, then the modern grown tea-o-light second with wooden tents and fountain center, then is the tree covered Indian tea style sitting with bamboo seats, and lastly the fourth section is an indoor air-conditioned Indian yet modern styled space. To give you a pleasant summer we have used the misting technique which converts water into high pressure fog. And for this you really need to visit us.